Driving to Utah,…….Again?

For the second year in a row we began our drive to Park city Utah from New York. Why would we drive to Park City Utah from New York? Because walking would take way too long!  As usual the trip has nothing to do with Carolyn or me.  But instead the trip is all about Emma The Dog. Or as we call her, ETD.  Now the trip isn’t all fun and games.  There’s a heck of a lot of driving. 2,200 miles or about 33 hours if you include stopping for gas and food. 33 hours is a long time to drive in three and a half days but it’s a lot easier when we get to split the driving between the three of us.  Though Emma does drive angry sometimes….she was pulled over twice but both times by sympathetic K-9 units.  She did, however, receive three barking tickets!!  Dog-friendly hotels are our salvation, try smelling the carpet if you dare?


What’s better than an air conditioner in a Comfort Inn to see the great Ohio landscape and look for squirrels? Emma’s actually got nice legs


Looks like someone has a little double tail going, ouch!! stay off those rawhides!!!


In order to make good time, you need to map your trip, this is the kind of driving goal we set each day and luckily we are both strong geographically


Eyes Wide Shut! The passenger seat is asleep!

Day two was rough, Emma fell asleep sitting up and had a bad dream that there was a chipmunk on her snout but she couldn’t open her mouth.

Denver is not as close to Milwaukee as we thought, and boy was Milwaukee hot, and everyone spoke Spanish………..

Carolyn and Emma on the rocking chair front porch of Cracker Barrell

We stopped in as many Cracker Barrels as we could, we kept looking for one that served Gefilte Fish but came up empty.  Until we found a Cracker Barrell in Iowa where the guy told me he had my Gefilte Fish right here!!! and then gave me a dirty look and mumbled something about a rifle??


I mean seriously, who doesn’t love the Barrell??  It’s awesome, candy, gifts and friendly Americans, what more can you want?  Where else can you get milk chocolate peanut chews, fries with gravy and a doll that looks like the devil in the same place?

As you know, safety is a huge issue for us, we work hard to develop safety protocol along the way.  In this video we encounter a very dangerous, suspicious looking group of cows.

Right after that, we decide it is safer to travel off road using horse and buggy, But since there were no horses, I had to convince Emma and Carolyn to pull me the rest of the way.  Carolyn was ok with it but Emma refused.image

Terrible news in Wyoming, too many rabbits caused the state to close for 36 hours, we had to drive around but luckily we have those great map skills so it wasn’t an issue.


What kind of strange things do you see on your drive? How about a truck filled with chickens uncomfortably stuffed into small little boxes on their way to McDonald’s factory to be made into chicken nuggets. It’s very very sad.   These chickens will never grow up to be president someday.  At least let them ride on a bus!!

Funny when we were leaving the Wyoming hotel, a guy saw Emma and me and grumbled, “she’s an awful nice pup, you go bird huntin with ‘er?”  No kidding!!  I told him we only hunt the big stuff!


Amazingly we finally arrive: imageHere is the actual odometer reading when we pulled up to Canyons:image

 I have no idea who ate the orange ball, but I am vowing to never rest until we find out who did it!

I have no idea who ate the orange ball but I vow never to rest until we find out who did it!

After the long drive we finally arrive and  we are disappointed to see that our favorite orange ball has been destroyed. Emma is the most devastated because this was her favorite as well.

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